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Information is the key to trade, and the first step for you is to understand the jargon in the stock trading business. Here is a list of banking and trading terminologies to equip you as you muscle your way to online trading. You may go through the entire list, or click on a letter below to display the words with prefix of your chosen letter.


Tape Trading Reading the stock market tape that serves as a short-term method of forecasting stock movements, often used by professional traders
Taxes Compulsory payments imposed by a sovereign for public purposes, classified as direct and indirect taxes, levied on the basis of two broad principles: the benefit principle and the ability-to-pay principle
Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) A number represented by nine-digit number with no alphabetic characters, that enables interest and dividend reporting for tax compliance and information reporting requirements by banks and other institutions
Technical Analysis In analysis of stock prices, the system and analytical approach of relying exclusively upon price and volume date, for deriving trends and formations that will lead to conclusions as to present market position and possible future market action for the marker as a whole, for stock groups, and for individual stocks
Thin Market An inactive or illiquid market associated with a small volume of trading
Third Market The dealer market in large blocks that developed off the board in listed stocks, as a result of the growing institutionalization of the security markets
Tick A reference to a minimum change in price up or down
Ticker The popular name given to the high-speed printing telegraph that carries reports of transactions on the floor of an exchange into the offices of subscribers
Ticket Day Settlement day
Total Return Annual return on an investment as measured by the sum of an appreciation plus all dividends, interest and reinvested gains
Trader A person who engages in speculation, buying and selling securities or commodities for price appreciation; a person who executes orders of others on the floor of an exchange or who, among dealers in unlisted securities, maintains a position or inventory in assigned stocks and engages in buying and selling operations in such stocks
Trading Taking positions in financial instruments or commodities to earn a profit from wither a change in process (speculation) or a discrepancy in relative values (arbitrage); proprietary trading done for an investment bank's own account; institutional trading undertaken for the benefit of institutional clients of the bank or on a profit-sharing or management fee basis
Trading Account Securities Securities acquired with the intention of selling them within a short period of time, as opposed to investment account securities, whereby a bank's trading department's activities are typically kept separate from its other investment activities and departments
Trading Area Geographic area from which customers are drawn
Trading Methods The basis of payment and delivery for the Philippine Stock Exchange: regular transactions, paid or settled with the Clearing House not later than 1:00 pm on the fourth (4th) day after the transaction date (T+4)
Transfer Agent Institution, usually a bank, used by an issuer of shares to maintain its shareholder records and to perform all account transactions


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