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Information is the key to trade, and the first step for you is to understand the jargon in the stock trading business. Here is a list of banking and trading terminologies to equip you as you muscle your way to online trading. You may go through the entire list, or click on a letter below to display the words with prefix of your chosen letter.


Income Stocks Stocks of corporation with relatively constant earnings and dividends along with a high dividend yield in comparison with other stocks, e.g., utility company stocks
Index Statistical measurements used in evaluating changes in the economy, prices, and financial and commodity markets
Index Arbitrage The simultaneous purchase (sale) of stock index futures and sale (purchase) of some or all of the component stocks that make up the particular stock index to profit from sufficiently large inter-market spreads between the futures contract and the index itself
Index Fund A fund with an investment objective of matching the investment performance of a large group of publicly traded common stocks, such as the Standard & Poor's 500 Composite Stock Price Index
Indicated Yield Sometimes used to refer to yields on bonds and stocks, especially when yield is determined by reference to yield tables
Indicators Descriptive data used in forecasting and business-cycle analysis
Industrial Stocks Preferred and common stocks of corporations in the "industrial" category (manufacturing, merchandising, service, and extractive industries), as distinguished from railroad, public utility, financial, and real estate company stocks
Inflation An economic condition characterized by a rise in prices that causes their reciprocal, the purchasing power of money, to fall correspondingly; the opposite of deflation, often classified as demand-pull or cost-push types
Inscribed Stock Stocks or bonds that in English practice exclusively are registered in the name of the holder on the books of the issuing organization and for which no actual certificates (in the US sense) are issued; a form of registered stock
Insider The issuer; a director or officer (or person performing similar functions) of; or a person controlling the issuer; a person whose relationship to the issuer gives or gave him the access to material information about the issuer of the security that is not generally available to the public; a government employee, or director, or officer of an exchange, clearing agency and/or self-regulatory organization who has access to material information about an issuer or a security that is not generally available to the public; or a person who learns such information by a communication from any of the foregoing insiders
Insider Trading Trading in securities of a company by one who has special information not available to the general public or stockholders concerning the company because of his or her position with the company or with a person who holds such a position, strictly regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission
Interim Dividend A dividend paid in anticipation of the usual periodic dividend
Invest To employ capital in anticipation of a gain or income
Investing Committing capital with the expectation of profit in the form of dividends, interest, or capital appreciation; an attempt to make profit from changes in the price of an asset
Investment Any employment of capital in expectation of gain, income, or capital appreciation, as distinguished from speculation which usually emphasizes short-term expectations due to price changes
Investment Advisor A person who, for compensation, offers investment advice; an adviser who has the day-to-day responsibility of investing the cash and securities held in a mutual fund's portfolio as guided by the fund's objectives as stated in the fund's prospectus
Investment Credit Long-term credit furnished to finance the purchase of securities, durable goods, fixed assets, and other assets
Investment Grade Bonds considered suitable for preservation of invested capital by the various rating agencies and rated Baa or BBB or above
Investment Income Income derived from invested capital as distinguished from income derived from sale of products and the delivery of services; current income from interest, dividends, and other investments from securities held in portfolios, as contrasted with capital gains or losses derived from actual sale of securities, and book appreciation or depreciation on retained securities
Investment Management Managing other people's money involving a variety of activities such as deciding what types of assets to invest in and what to buy and when and what to sell and when, and other services, for a fee
Investment Market The channels or outlets for distributing stock, bonds, and other investments
Investment Methods Methods relating to determining the best way of selecting securities, including technical selection, fundamental selection, and efficient market selection
Investment Risks The basic risks associated with investing, including financial risk (risk of non-payment), credit risk, interest rate risk, purchasing power risk, country risk, and others
Investment Securities Generally, all classes of bonds and stocks, regardless of quality; those obligations and equities whose characteristics are distinctly conservative as to security of principal, regularity of income, fairness of yield, efficiency of management, marketability, and investor convenience
Investment Value The intrinsic value of a security, as measured generally by the basic yardsticks of earnings, income, and asset value
Investor A person who buys securities or other assets for investment as contrasted with a trader or speculator who is primarily interested in short-term turnover at a profit
IPO Initial public offering; a corporation's first public offering of stock, usually underwritten by a single investment banker or a pool of investment bankers and brokerage firms
Irregular Unevenness or variation in prices on a stock market, with some stocks advancing and others declining; unusual, erroneous
Issued Capital Stock That portion of the stock of a corporation that is outstanding in the hands of the stockholders, or repurchased and held by a corporation as treasury stock
Issue Price The price at which a new flotation or issue of stock or bonds is offered to the public
Issuer The originator, maker, obligor, or creator of the security


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